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How Can We Help You?

  • Alterations and Additions - minor and major
  • New Homes
  • Kitchen/Bathroom Renovations
  • Repairs to Existing Structure
  • Advice & Consultancy for environmentally sensible/cost effective/design effective alterations and additions to your new home.

Alterations and Additions - minor and major

Major alterations and additions provide you with ideal opportunities to:

  • bring your home's energy consumption (and your costs) down and your comfort levels up
  • get better light access (save on lighting costs)
  • take advantage of free passive cooling and heating
  • add new rooms or alter existing layouts
  • remodel that closed off kitchen and dining room
  • change your roof to create light and space
  • improve the living flow within your home
  • reclaim wasted space
  • add a wine cellar

Minor alterations may include:

  • Decks, verandas, pergolas, patios and stairs finished in timber, glass or stainless steel;
  • Carports with or without rolla-doors, light and power;
  • Installing useful energy saving technology;
  • Give your home a new look with redesigned doors, windows, a new driveway or entry;
  • Refresh a tired house face with render - cement or composite;
  • Need more storage - convert your roof space into an Attic or make a Loft;
  • Want to claim back your yard - retaining walls and terracing

ESB will take the time to help you decide exactly what you need from your home and assist you to get there with as little heartache as possible. From planning and construction through to completion, ESB will work with you to bring new life and efficiency to your existing home.


Sustainable Living Consultant

Eco Sense Building can advise you on the best ways to make your home greener and cheaper. We come to your home, review your needs and situation. We then do all the research for you and compile a report for the most cost effective options to reducing your carbon footprint and household costs.

  Esbuild project that involved the leveling and effective draining of a previously steep and waterlogged yard  
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